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Navigate the human body's digital map in its dynamics, visualizing any part of anatomy, physiology and pathology

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In the medical world, the fact that you have to learn constantly throughout your lifetime is already a truism. In 2019, the way you study constantly is more important, and the technology shortens the learning curve enormously.

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Learn medicine as in the 21st century! Accelerate your learning process using the latest 3D human body visualization technology offered by Biomap.

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Explain to patients using visuals. Tell them exactly where the disease is located, how it manifests, but also how the therapeutic options look.

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Prepare and teach unique courses that will captivate your students. With Biomap you can create custom 3D presentations as simple as ever!


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Available on iOS and Android, the BioMap app can be used on any mobile device or tablet that supports these two operating systems.

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Learn and understand medicine easier. Visually.

You have almost all the 3D medicine and short loading time on any device. If you are in the medical world, BioMap is for you.

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Goodbye to anatomical illustrations and long paragraphs of disease chapters. BioMap is here.

Whether you are in the 1st or 6th year of med school, on BioMap you can find everything from hand anatomy or nerve impulse transmission to gastro-oesophageal reflux or kidney cancer.

View the 3D Human Body up to the Cell Level, from Any Device

BioMap helps you to visualize anatomical or pathological elements up to the cell level. You can use tools such as normal or radiological view, isolation or concealment of elements, or the creation of virtual tours and presentations.

You have all the Visual Materials you need for Medical School Exams in One Place

Students who are constantly looking for pictures or videos to put in their summaries and notes will understand best what we are talking about. BioMap helps you deepen the topics in medicine that you approach, with the ultimate goal of making it easier to understand the subject (and never forget it, ever again).

You Understand all those Vast Paragraphs that give you a Headache

In medicine, you have to learn constantly throughout your life, this is widely known. However, the way you learn is changing as technology develops, and BioMap’s mission is to be the first choice for anyone who wants to learn medicine at international standards.

Access the benefits of Visual and Kinesthetic Learning by interacting in real time with Anatomical Models

The man has five senses, but most of us use only one to deepen our knowledge: the visual one, being limited to understanding the text in books, manuals, treatises. We take the visual to another level and bring into the equation the kinesthetic sense, because you are the one who controls, with the mouse or the finger, the anatomical model in front of you.

You understand the Anatomy and Physiology of the Human Body, but also the Pathophysiology of Diseases much faster

Using predefined dynamic animations and presentations within the BioMap application, you can understand anatomy or pathophysiology much faster. See anatomical elements, how muscle contraction takes place or the mechanism of congestive heart failure occurs.

What does BioMap include?

Functions designed to assist you in your learning process. Features that can help you create unique presentations. Tools for every step of the medical career.

3D visualization of any part of the human body

Anatomy, physiology, pathology, interventions

Functions for each stage of your medical career

Animations and interactive presentations

Virtual “dissection” with one click


Models customization

Custom virtual presentations

Available in Romanian and English

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If Netter or Harrison illustrations were a car, BioMap would be a space rocket.

The most important thing in medicine is to understand. One of the visionaries of our century, Elon Musk, was asked in an interview how he manages to have knowledge in so many different fields. He answered simply: "I am learning the basics perfectly. Knowledge is like a tree, and the roots must be as strong as possible." BioMap is here to help you understand medicine and make logical connections, so you never forget the notions your learn—ever again.

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