3D technology will transform the way we understand the human body.

The volume and complexity of information in medicine continues to increase, but the learning methods have not changed much in recent centuries.

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It is time for a real change in medical education.

In Romania, most medical students learn from textbooks, treatises, or atlases, imagining those anatomical or pathological structures they read about.
Few are the ones who research more, looking for explanatory videos or helpful materials, and the lack of a complete, easy-to-navigate collection of the human body makes the learning process much more complex and longer.
At the global level, there have been radical improvements in entertainment, energy, transport and medicine, but in education it has long been considered that we only need textbooks.

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Over 60,000 pupils, students, doctors and professors use BIOMAP to better understand the human body


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Over 950 medical conditions documented and transposed in 3D on BIOMAP. We add new models every month.


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96% of users agree that BIOMAP helped them better understand notions of anatomy, physiology and interventions.

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Our mission is to provide the best solutions where technology meets education. Our goal is to provide a tool for success for the new generation of future doctors in Romania, an elegant way for physicians to explain to patients the disease or treatment and a new technology as a teaching support for the university staff in the medical and pharmacy faculties in Romania and worldwide.

In Romania, there are currently over 57,300 doctors, plus medical assistants and auxiliary staff, without including the number of medical students. Our goal is for at least 10,000 people from the medical world in Romania to use the technology to its full potential to optimize their learning, teaching or patient consultations.

Dynamic visual learning provides support for understanding anatomy, physiology, pathology and treatments in a smarter and clearer way.

BIOMAP is the tool for changing the way of learning for medical students in Romania, the technology that assists modern doctors in discussing with patients and the app that greatly facilitates the efforts of university professors.

BIOMAP is an online educational platform created by Marsilian Technologies, the company behind the largest e-learning platform for residency in Romania, Grile-Rezidentiat.ro. With founders from the medical world, the team behind BIOMAP has over 8 years of experience in technology and online education, with over 200,000 users.

BIOMAP is an ambitious project from multiple points of view. With a vision for the future, with a performance oriented perspective in education and a passion for technology, BIOMAP is a unique project in Romania, meant to find the best solutions where technology meets education.

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About the 3D Models

BIOMAP was created in partnership with BioDigital, Inc., a company based in New York, United States. The accuracy of 3D models is guaranteed by BioDigital Inc, with the support of the in-house team of certified doctors and medical illustrators, but also with the support of consultants from top US medical universities. The accuracy of the information in Romanian language is guaranteed by the internal team of BIOMAP doctors, part of Marsilian—with 7 years experience in the field of online education.

3D models within BIOMAP have been developed over 14 years, contain over 8,000 individual 3D objects and are based on cadaver images, dissection photos, anatomy atlases, reference studies and radiological images, CT or MRI. Our 3D models include both anatomy, physiology and pathology, but also procedures (interventions). In addition, the models include animations and virtual tours that describe, for example, cancer metastases, serum composition or atrial flutter.