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Whether you are a pupil who wants to enter medschool, a student in the first years or a future resident, we have a carefully-constructed plan for each stage of your medical career.

BIOMAP is Like a Google Earth of the Medical World

Navigate the digital map of the human body with a visual platform for medicine!It includes anatomy, physiology, pathology and interventions.

Do you quickly forget the details learned for exams?

On average, after only 3 days, a student remembers only 10% of what he or she read.

But visual information, associated with images and drawings, is saved in memory in a proportion of 65% (Dale, E. 1969).

Is it difficult for you to visualise the information you read?

If you don't understand topics fundamentally, you will never really know medicine.

You can learn mechanically but the basis of knowledge lies in visualizing the information learned. You need to be able to "access" the information when you need it.

long paragraphs tired

Do you get tired of the long paragraphs?

Most books were written without considering the student and how he or she learns.

The long paragraphs describe in detail elements that can help you in dermatology or cardiology, but visualizing them in your head requires extra time and effort.

It All Starts Here

Did you always want to have access to quality materials for medschool exams?Now, you have them all together in one place.

On BIOMAP, you have almost all the visual medicine. You choose the specialty or discipline that interests you. You learn in a smart way and don't forget the subject, because now it's easier to understand those long paragraphs.




Pupils Studying for Medschool


graduating user with cap on

7.14 €/month

57.12 €/an

  • Corint subjects in 3D
  • Relation functions
  • Nutrition functions
  • Reproduction function
  • Includes Basic and Pro models
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1st and 2nd-year Medstudents


learning student

8.33 €/month

68.54 €/an

  • Human body anatomy
  • Complete anatomy
  • Anatomy by regions
  • Systems anatomy
  • Section anatomy
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Students and Doctors



9.52 €/month

79.97 €/an

  • Access to all models
  • Anatomy
  • Pathology
  • Physiology
  • Interventions
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