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Understand the human body in its dynamics, visualising elements of anatomy, physiology and pathology.


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Created for Every Step of Your Medical Career

In the medical world, it's pretty straightforward that you have to learn constantly throughout your lifetime and career. In , the way you study constantly is more important, and technology shortens the learning curve enormously.


Do you want free university classes? Learn anatomy with the Starter plan from BIOMAP.

Understand the Corint book more easily. Give up the tons of sketches on paper and visualize biology in 3D

1st and 2nd-Year Students

The biggest challenge in the early years of med school? Anatomy.

Learn the bones, muscles of the musculoskeletal system, and splanchnology more easily. Access our online "atlas" wherever you go.

Students and Doctors

BIOMAP includes pathology in 3D, transforming the way of learning medicine.

As for doctors, they can use the platform as a visual aid in the discussion with the patient.

Goodbye to anatomical illustrations and long paragraphs of disease chapters. BIOMAP is here.

Whether you are in the 1st or 6th year of med school, on BioMap you can find everything from hand anatomy or nerve impulse transmission to gastro-oesophageal reflux or kidney cancer.
If you are a doctor, you can use BIOMAP as a virtual support in talking to patients. As a university professor, the platform can be a real help in creating impactful presentations for students.

Visualize The 3D Human Body up to The Cell Level.

BioMap helps you visualize anatomical or pathological elements up to the cell level.

The platform gives you access to the entire human body, as you need to understand it better.

Understand Anatomy and Physiology, but Also Pathophysiology Much Faster.

Using predefined dynamic animations within the BIOMAP application, you understand anatomy or pathophysiology much faster.

See anatomical elements in 3D, such as muscle contraction or the mechanism of congestive heart failure.

Understand All Those Vast Paragraphs That Give You a Headache.

In medicine, you have to learn constantly throughout your life. However, the way you learn is changing as technology develops, and BIOMAP’s mission is to be the first choice for anyone who wants to learn medicine at international standards.

Access The Benefits of Visual and Kinesthetic Learning.

Man has five senses, but we often use only one to study: the visual, being limited to understanding the text of books, manuals, treatises.

BIOMAP also brings the kinesthetic sense into the equation, because you are the one who controls, with the mouse or the finger, the 3D model in front of you.

Don't take our word for it, this is what other colleagues of yours are saying about us!

First year student

WOW! Congratulations on the initiative. It is one of the best platforms to learn medicine, wherever you are in medicine, even if you are a first year, 6th year student or resident doctor.

The accuracy of the details is incredible! And I'm glad it's in two languages, English and Romanian.

12th grade

I am a premium member on both Grile-Admitere and BIOMAP, and your platforms have made all the preparation for the summer admission into med school much more efficient and pleasant.

Specialist Physician

It's wonderful what the BIOMAP team did!

I will promote your platform whenever I have the opportunity!If we had in the 90's what you do now, we would have probably been even better doctors now.

Sincere congratulations!

Resident Physician

It provides an overview of the human organism structures that you do not find in atlases.

The impact is major in understanding anatomy and morpho/pathophysiology.

The interface is very user-friendly. In conclusion, it fills a big gap in medicine. At least for students and doctors at the beginning of their careers.

Resident Physician

An application that, in some situations, can guide you much better than an anatomy atlas does.

It's a great way to learn quickly and understand the topic at hand.

I recommend it to all students and doctors at the beginning of their careers and beyond.

6th year Student

Congratulations for the initiative, I'm a bit sad I didn't have this app in the first year of med school.

It would have been super useful for me during my faculty years.

I used BIOMAP at the end of the 5th year and now it helps me a lot in preparing for the residency exam :)

If Netter or Harrison illustrations were a car, BioMap would be a space rocket.

The most important thing in medicine is to understand it. One of the visionaries of our century, Elon Musk, was asked in an interview how he manages to have knowledge in so many different fields. He answered simply: "I am learning the basics perfectly.

Knowledge is like a tree, and the roots must be as strong as possible." BIOMAP is here to help you understand medicine and make logical connections, so you never forget the notions your learn—ever again.

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